Expanding Detector Expertise: Vourvon Electronica Visits OKM

March 01, 2024
Dealer Vourvon Electronica tests detectors in front of OKM pyramid

Who is Vourvon Electronica?

Vourvon Electronica is proud to be one of our many OKM dealers since 2016, and is a popular high quality brand in the Philippines. Vourvon Electronica is a family business with 26 employees. It is managed by Alan Bourbon with the active support of his sons Paul and Jennal. In addition to selling a wide range of detectors, they also offer professional detector training to pass on their in-depth knowledge and many years of experience to their customers.

Vourvon Electronica visits OKM in Altenburg, Germany

After OKM CEO Stephan Grund visited Vourvon Electronica in the Philippines in November 2023 during a tour in Southeast Asia, they agreed to visit the company in Altenburg, OKM's headquarters, to learn more about the detectors. So a few months later, in February 2024, Alan and his son Paul travelled to Germany.

After their arrival and a brief introduction to the OKM team, they started the day with an interesting tour in the impressive OKM pyramid and the OKM detector production facility. This tour demonstrated to Alan and Paul the quality of the devices produced, the high standards of production and the commitment of the staff to underline OKM's excellence and 'Made in Germany' credentials. They also had the opportunity to discuss strategy with OKM's sales team and meet some of the employees over lunch.

Team photo of OKM and Vourvon Electronica

Training with different software and OKM detectors

Accompanied by Frank Casser, OKM's detector and software trainer, Alan and his son Paul delved deep into the world of OKM's various detectors and software solutions. Frank, whose 15 years of expertise represent a valuable wealth of experience, was able to share OKM's extensive knowledge with Vourvon Electronica. Through this intensive training, they not only gained a deeper understanding of the technology behind the detectors, but also valuable insights into the application possibilities of the software. For example, he demonstrated the correct use of the OKM eXp 6000 to achieve the best possible scanning results and also discussed the detector's unique orientation sensors. The correct orientation is very important. Frank also explained and demonstrated in more detail how the OKM Delta Ranger works, as it is often used in the Philippines to locate voids and caves with the Thermo Scan.

dealer Vourvon in a meeting
OKM expert Frank Casser provides a comprehensive overview of the softwares to Alan and Paul
Frank demonstrates the wrong orientation of the detector
Frank illustrates the incorrect way of holding the OKM eXp 6000

Training on the test field

Vourvon Electronica then had the opportunity to put their newly acquired know-how into practice on the test fields at our OKM base. With great interest and commitment, they explored the functionality and performance of our detectors, such as the OKM eXp 6000 and OKM Gepard GPR 3D. Different surfaces and structures were carefully selected to test the versatility and effectiveness of the equipment under real-life conditions. These hands-on exercises allowed Vourvon Electronica to deepen their understanding of the technology and gain valuable insight into the application of the detectors. Alan and Paul were very excited to share this expertise with their customers in the Philippines.

dealer training on test field in front of OKM pyramid
Frank explains the Gepard
Vourvon in front of the pyramid

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