Gemstones and jewelry detected in Florida, USA

March 22, 2008

In 2008 an amazing discovery has been made in the United States by using our device Future I-160. Some group of treasure hunters detected a buried brass canon, filled with jewelries and gemstones. Next to it a beautiful jade dragon has been detected.

Gems in Florida
Gems in Florida: Some of the gemstones in its brilliant colors. This discovery has been detected with the metal detector Future I-160.
Jade Dragon: The dragon statue made of jade, which has been found next to the canon.

Here some excerpts of the customers emails dated from 22nd and 27th of March 2008:

Last month we found a buried brass canon on an island off florida. In it was gemstones and gold chains.

Attach files are some of the things found. The jade statue was in the ground beside the canon, it was to big to fit inside. The statue is 12 inches long and 6 inches high and weights about 20 pounds. The other picture is some gemstones. Behind the large yellow gem is a quarter put in the picture for sizing.

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