eXp 3000 (2004-2006)

June 28, 2006
This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM eXp 4500

The metal detector eXp 3000 is a powerful earth imaging instrument. Its advanced technology allows measurements in brillant resolutions up to very high depths.

The usage of the metal detector is absolutely easy and possible without the need of a laptop. The measurement unit of the eXp 3000 includes a PC that displays the data immediately in color. All measured data will be stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to a PC to evaluate the scan data and determine depth, size and position of targets with our software Visualizer 3D.

Application of the eXp 3000

The metal detector eXp 3000 offers various functions especially for treasure hunters:

  • Distinction of metals and cavities
  • Easy handling and compact equipment
  • No laptop is required for scanning the underground
OKM Treasure Hunter using the eXp 3000 on the beach
Treasure hunting with eXp 3000: The treasure hunter is using the metal detecting device eXp 3000 on the beach.

Features of the metal detector eXp 3000

To facilitate the work with eXp 3000 and the subsequently image evaluation with the software Visualizer 3D, the following functionalities are integrated:

  • Automatic display of object differentiation
  • Automatic signal stabilization during measurement
  • Automatic antenna identification

Optimized eXp 3000 detection antennas

The comprehensive equipment of the treasure detector eXp 3000 is only one feature that makes it a unique treasure hunting unit. Every single probe was optimized for its own purpose. Thus, you can work with the following antennas:

  • GPR-Antenna (25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm)
  • Antenna for metal discrimination (PI, pulse induction)
  • Antenna for tunnel and void finding
  • Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans

Optimized eXp 3000 display

The integrated color display is applicable for night searches, but is also in the sunlight clearly visible.

This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM eXp 4500
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