Exceptional venue for BFM summer event 2017

August 30, 2017

On a splendid day in August the members of the Bundesforum Mittelstand (BFM) gathered for its annual summer event 2017 at OKM GmbH in Altenburg. OKM is not only well known as manufacturer of metal detectors for gold seekers and treasure hunters, archaeologists and prospectors, but also owns one of the most imposing company buildings in Germany - a golden pyramid. This exceptional building is very suitable for exclusive events and festivities.

OKM headquarters
OKM headquarters: The headquarters of OKM Metal Detectors is an imposing golden pyramid.
Arrival at OKM
Arrival at OKM: While the guests arrived at OKM some of them used the opportunity for small talk.

Numerous visitors from many different regions of Germany arrived. Among the invited guests of the BFM summer event were

The visitors were very astonished to learn that all OKM metal detectors are manufactured within the "Golden Pyramid". A competent team of experts and professionals develops and produces the detectors in painstaking hand work.

"High Noon" and all guest met up in the big conference room. There OKM's general managers Andreas Krauss and Ingolf Mueller gave a presentation about interesting and adventurous facts out of nearly 20 years of OKM history.

OKM company presentation
OKM company presentation: Both general managers of OKM talking about adventurous and interesting stories out of nearly 20 years OKM history.
Delicacy and Small Talk
Delicacy and Small Talk: The cooking school “Senfonieâ€ took care of the physical well-being of the guests by serving fine delicacies.

Similar to other worldwide known companies from the Silicon Valley, OKM's history started in a garage. The imposing company building alone is a strong sign that something extraordinary has been created over the last decades.

The company Altenburger Senf & Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG, represented by both of its general managers, was not only invited but also brought along its chef from the cooking school "Senfonie". He surprised the participants with some fine delicacies.

As fresh as paint all participants joined a guided tour to get a glimpse into OKM's departments like hardware and software development, sales and support, PCB and electronics as well as molding and casing. Many of the visitors used this rare opportunity to talk shop with the employees.

Guided tour through OKM production
Guided tour through OKM production: On a guided company tour competent OKM employees answered the visitor's questions.
Treasure hunting on OKM's test field
Treasure hunting on OKM's test field: During a little treasure hunt the participants tried some of the detectors and felt like real treasure hunters.

With coffee and cakes the visitors chilled in the afternoon sun. Some of the participants were talking in little groups and others took part on a little treasure hunt on OKM's test field. Instructed by founder Andreas Krauss the guests tried to find buried coins by utilizing a metal detector. The lucky finders kept its targets as a souvenir.

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