Metal Detection Guide

06 Octobre 2020

After choosing your perfect metal detector and further equipment, the adventure of treasure hunting and hobby archeology can start. In order to achieve fast success in the search for metallic treasures such as rings, coins and militaria, proper handling of the metal detector is essential. Learn here how to use your metal detector correctly:

Using a Metal Detector

Keep the coil a few inches above the ground. If possible, keep this height while swinging.

Sweep the coil from one side to the other. Each pass should take approx. 1second from right to left and 1 s to return from left to right. Walk forward slowly with small steps.

Practice a smooth sweep of the search coil from side-to-side keeping the coil close to the ground throughout the swing. Each pass of the coil should take approximately 1 second from right to left, 1 second to return from left to right. Walk forward slowly. Take small steps no greater than half of a normal stride. Make sure each pass of the coil overlaps the last one by at least half the length of the loop. Do not lift the coil at the end of each swing. Keep it close to the ground an  at the same height at all times.
To become comfortable sweeping the loop does take some practice. Relax, loosen up and find a comfortable grip on the handle. Premature fatigue may result from gripping the handle too tightly, an improperly adjusted rod or elbow support, and limited body movement. Hold the handle loosely. Adjust the rod and elbow support for comfort and keep the elbow strap loose.

Use your arm, shoulder and even your back a little to allow for a smooth even sweep of the coil.

Ground Balancing your Metal Detector

When the sound signals of your metal detector are getting noisy and start to flutter, even if there is no metal underneath the search coil, you should apply a ground balance. A new ground balance is also necessary when the ground conditions change fast.

Pinpointing with a Metal Detector

Once an object has been detected, move the coil off to one side of the target area and slowly swing the coil over the area until it beeps directly over the target. Make notes of the area where it begins to give an audio signal and where the signal begins to fade. Where the signal becomes stronger that is the point of where the edge of the anomaly is and where the signal begins to fade is the other side.

  1. Swing search coil slowly over detected object.
  2. Move slowly until detector gives a signal directly above the object.
  3. Note spot/target area.
  4. Swing coil over spot/target area from a second position.
  5. If necessary, repeat swinging from a third position.

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