Visualizer 3D Studio Documentation

Installation and Activation of Visualizer 3D Studio

In order to use your OKM Visualizer 3D Studio software you have to activate it first. Learn how to activate the software with your Software Key and an appropriate Activation Code.

Graphical User Interface

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of OKM Visualizer 3D Studio has many different toolbars, buttons and controls. Get to know your toolbars and controls to utilize your software.

Main Menu

The main menu contains all functions for using the Visualizer 3D Studio software. This overview explains the meaning of the menu items.

Main Toolbar

The most important functions of the Visualizer 3D Studio software are assembled in the Main Toolbar. Read this section to get an overview of all its functionallity.

Left Sidebar

The Left Sidebar contains several functions that are necessary to control the mouse operations and the standard views of the scan image.