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Nothing influences a detectorist's choice and decision more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. That's why we rely on your positive customer experience to generate new customers and turn them into convinced brand ambassadors. You are an excited OKM detectorist and a successful treasure hunter thanks to our devices? Share your excitement and get rewarded! 

Refer a Friend and get 5% discount* on your next OKM detector! Moreover, your friend will also get 5% welcome bonus* for his first purchase at OKM. This way you can get up to € 3000 reward in total. More details

How to Get Your Bonus

Invite a Friend


Recommend OKM to a Friend.

Submit information


Enter the required information in the Form.

OKM Welcome Bonus


Your Friend gets 5% Welcome Bonus on his first purchase*.

Your Reward


Receive Your Reward with 5% discount*

30 days after your Friend's fulfilled order.

Redeem voucher


Redeem your Voucher in our shop www.okmdetectors.com

Why Recommend OKM?

Entwickelt, designt, konstruiert und handgefertigt in Deutschland.
Vertrauen Sie auf seit einem Vierteljahrhundert zertifizierte und weltweit führende 3D-Bodenscan-Technologie.
Wir bieten weltweiten Versand und unterstützen Sie bei der Beantragung der Mehrwertsteuer-Rückerstattung (über Global Blue).
Kaufen Sie direkt von OKM Deutschland oder offiziellen OKM Händlern weltweit, um originale OKM Detektoren zu erhalten.
Geophysikalische Messinstrumente von OKM detektieren tiefer als herkömmliche Detektoren.
OKM Detektoren können Metallobjekte, Hohlräume und unterirdische Wasservorkommen orten.
Detektierte Objekte und Strukturen werden in dreidimensionalen Messbildern dargestellt.

Invite Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

First, your friend (Referral) must be a new customer, that means he/she has not bought OKM products before.

Moreover, you as Referrer must be an OKM customer. To confirm this, please provide your name and customer ID and/or serial number of your OKM device.

The following information are required in the invitation form:

  • your full name and email address
  • your OKM customer ID (see invoice) OR serial number of your current device (see label)
  • your friend's email address

You will receive your reward 30 days after your friend has completed the purchase and received his/her detector.

You (Referrer) and your friend (Referral) will get 5% discount on the net retail price of OKM detectors. The total of €3000 bonus can be achieved when both you and your friend buy an OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus.

  • Welcome Bonus for your friend (Referral) = 5% Discount on net retail price (provided in Referral's Quote)
  • Reward for You (Referrer) = 5% Discount on net retail price for your next purchase (provided as Voucher with personal discount code)

You can invite as many friends as you like, and you will receive rewards for each friend who turns into a new OKM customer.

You can redeem your 5% discount for one detector or for your complete purchase (except software, services and accessories). However, the discounts cannot be cumulated. So if you, for example, refer 4 friends, you will not get 20% discount at once!

*5% discount on the net retail price, only applicable to OKM detectors. Cannot be cumulated or combined with other discounts and promotions. Cannot be applied to previous and already placed orders. No cashback.
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