Celebrating Excellence: OKM's Triumph at ThEx Awards

29 نوفمبر 2023

OKM Achieves Second Place in Succession Category at ThEx Awards

ThEx Ceremony

In a remarkable achievement, OKM secured the second position in the succession category at the prestigious ThEx Awards, recognizing exemplary achievements in the areas of start-ups, business management and succession. The competition involved a rigorous two-stage application process, culminating in the acknowledgment of OKM's achievements at the awards ceremony in Erfurt, attended by CEO Stephan Grund.

Nurturing Talent: OKM’s Commitment to Skill Development

OKM’s commendable commitment to training and nurturing its own apprentices and students was also recognized. As specialized detector experts based in Altenburg, OKM has emphasized nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals.

Spotlight on Achievement: Coverage in Local Press (LVZ)

A recent feature in the local press Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ) highlighted OKM's exceptional contributions within the industry, emphasizing their commitment to local talent development and their pivotal role in the regional economy. Quoting the Thuringian Center for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship (ThEx), the article emphasized OKM's strides: "They have become world leaders in 3D ground scanners and were able to significantly increase the number of produced detectors in 2023." This recognition underscores OKM's emergence as a global leader in 3D ground scanners and their substantial increase in detector production. This acknowledgment within the article further solidifies OKM's position as an innovative force within Thuringia's economy, showcasing their dedication to local development and international prominence.

Stephan Grund Acceptance
ThEx Ceremony

A New Era: OKM's Transformation Under Stephan Grund

Since Stephan Grund assumed leadership in 2019, OKM has undergone a remarkable transformation. The digitalization of sales and marketing was a pivotal initiative. Besides its presence in the United Arab Emirates, the company has established distribution entities in Turkey and the USA, propelling OKM to a global leadership position.

ThEx Award Acceptance

The ThEx Award, presented by Thuringia's Minister of Economics and sponsored by the Ministry of Economics, not only acknowledges OKM’s successful transition but also highlights its significant contribution to Thuringia's economy through positive development.

ThEx Celebration

A Testament to Leadership: OKM’s Success Story

OKM stands as a prime example of successful business succession and the transformative power of strong leadership. Their success underscores the importance of innovation, dedication, and strategic foresight for businesses in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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