Business Meets Football: OKM Meets World-Class Excellence at ChampionsMEET Thuringia

18 يونيو 2024

An Inspiring Event in the Center of Germany

Jena, Thuringia, May 27, 2024. The second meeting of Thuringia's world market and technology leaders, known as ChampionsMEET Thüringen, took place in Jena. This event brought together the elite of Thuringian business and the German national football team, showcasing that Thuringia offers the ideal conditions for peak performance.

Keynote Insights by Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann

The event began with inspiring words from Wolfgang Tiefensee, Minister for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society of Thuringia, and Bodo Ramelow, Minister President of Thuringia. However, the highlight was the contribution from Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, the team psychologist for the German national football team. Dr. Hermann spoke about the essential factors for success:

  • Strategy
  • Patience
  • Endurance
  • Teamwork
  • Vision

These qualities are not only crucial on the football field but also in business, particularly for OKM and our customers.

DFB Psychologist gives insights on sports and business
football legend Rudi Völler motivates business man in thuringia

OKM: Embracing Excellence Through Training and Teamwork

At OKM, one of Thuringia's hidden champions, continuous training and the constant pursuit of improvement are vital. Our work as treasure hunters and metal detector manufacturers requires the same qualities that Dr. Hermann identified as keys to sporting success. Precision, teamwork, and endurance are essential for developing and perfecting our state-of-the-art detectors.

Empowering Our Customers for Success

These values are not only important internally at OKM, but also for our customers. Those who use our metal detectors and technologies must embrace these principles to succeed in their treasure hunting and exploration endeavors. Success doesn't come overnight, and just like successful football players, our customers must prepare and train diligently.

Specialized Training Programs for Optimal Results

To support our customers in this endeavor, OKM offers specialized detector and software training. These training sessions help our customers learn to use their devices optimally and continuously improve their search strategies. By doing so, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals and uncover hidden treasures fast and easily.

ChampionsMeet in Jena

Shared Values in Sports and Business

The parallels between the demands in top-level sports and the high-tech industry are impressive. Both fields require a high level of commitment, strategy, and teamwork.

At OKM, we apply these principles daily and are proud to be part of this strong community of Thuringian market leaders. Looking forward, we will continue to uphold these standards, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in our industry.

Stadium in Jena

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