Export as PDF Report

Added in 3.0.0Professional Edition

If you like to create a clean PDF Report with all collected information (project description, soil type, bookmarks, etc.) for your customers or clients, you need to click Export as PDF Report in the Main Toolbar or File › Export › Export as PDF via Main Menu to open the Export Dialog from figure 1.

Export PDF Dialog
Figure 1: Software dialog "Export as PDF" with several export options

First, select the designated folder and filename for your PDF Report. Then, you have to select what kind of information you would like to embed into your generated PDF document.

Following export options are available:

  • Open PDF after Export
    If this option is checked, the generated PDF Report will be opened right after creating and saving it. Please make sure you have installed a proper PDF Reader onto your computer!

  • Scan Image
    Check this option to embed the scan image itself into the final PDF Report. The scan image will be placed on the first page of the PDF document in the same way as it is positioned inside the active software window. So, if you like to show the image in top view, you have to rotate the scan image before generating the PDF Report.

  • Additional Image Caption
    Enter some additional descriptive text into this input field to create an image caption for the scan image. Thus you can give additionals hints for the scan image itself (e.g. "Top view of the scan field").

  • Background Color
    By default, the background color of the embedded scan image is white to make it cost efficiently printable onto paper. If you prefer another background for the scan image (and only the scan image), you may select another one by clicking the color box and picking a different color.

  • Characteristics
    Check this option to embed your individual project information (title, description, GPS coordinates, field length and width, operating mode). These kind of information can be added as described in section Scan Information / Characteristics.

  • Soil Type
    Check this option to embed additional information regarding the selected soil type (dielectric constant, relative permeability, mineralization, humidity, homogeneity). If you are using the Professional Edition of OKM Visualizer 3D Studio, you may add your own soil types as described in section Soil Types.

  • Bookmarks
    Check this option to embed all of your created bookmarks into the PDF Report. At the end of the PDF document, a complete list of all your individual notes and position markers will be included. Read section Bookmarks to learn more about adding bookmarks to your scans.

  • Meta Data
    Check this option to embed all of your meta data. At the end of the PDF report, a complete list of all your individual Meta Data will be included.

After adjusting all your export options, click on Export to start generating your PDF Report.