Which OKM metal detector is the right one for me?

21 Juin 2017
No matter how the initial contact between you and OKM is established, the most important question is "WHAT would you like to detect?". If you are a treasure hunter, gold seeker, water seeker, archeologist or professional use, we offer detectors and detection equipment for all levels of users.


What would you like to detect?

OKM Team supports you in finding the rigth detector

This question is the most important, because you have a precise idea of what you would like to find. As gold seeker you surely want to find gold coins, gold bars, gold treasures or natural gold occurrences, whereas a water seeker is looking for subsurface water deposits or hidden water sources. Professionals of industrial domains want to locate buried pipelines, foundations or tunnels. As you can see, this question does not require a detailed description of your research.

This question helps us to find out which OKM detector is the most suitable for your intended purpose. Our objective is to offer you the best metal detector, with which you can successfully manage your detection of buried or subsurface hidden objects and structures.


You are looking for gold? We have the appropriate gold detector

First of all, we need to find out what type of gold you would like to detect: If you want to find natural gold like

  • gold minerals (above all tellurites), like calaverite, sylvanite and nagyagite,
  • primary gold and wash gold,
  • gold in quartz (hard rock) or
  • alluvial

or if you are looking for longtime buried gold treasures like

  • gold coins,
  • gold jewlery,
  • gold bars,
  • gold statues or

other golden artefacts.

For the detection of natural gold occurrences like nuggets, placers or alluvial gold near the surface you can easily work with the metal detector Evolution NTX.

In case you do not only want to detect natural gold near the surface but also in greater depths, we offer the Rover C4 3D metal detector which is equipped with a special function (Mineral Scan) developed for gold prospection offering a nearly exact determination of the location of the natural gold deposit.

The supply of OKM 3D metal detectors for gold treasure hunting is very versatile. We are offering gold seekers and all treasure hunters a wide range of 3D ground scanners, which mainly differ in equipment, comfort and the possibility to use different probe sizes and special probe types. The OKM portfolio of metal detectors and geophysical detection instruments begins with the basic model Evolution NTX, continues with the Rover series and culminates in the eXp series.

Treasure hunters and prospectors who want to remain anonymous during their search decide for the Rover UC (the UC stands for "undercover"). Despite its high detection performance, it is the lightest OKM metal detector.


Treasure hunters, Goldseekers, Archeologists, Prospectors and metal detecting enthusiasts who attach great importance to the flexibility of the detector, whether decide for eXp 4500 or – if the connection between probe and detector shall be wireless and a touchscreen is required – the eXp 6000.


Treasure hunting with 3D detectors: The advantages

All 3D ground scanners and metal detectors by OKM are offered with the analysis software Visualizer 3D. With this software you can analyze your measurements and ground scans and even get information on the exact position of your find. In addition, you can determine the depth and the colored display shows whether it is a cavity, a ferromagnetic object such as iron or a precious metal such as gold or silver.

The combination of the 3D analysis software with our geophysical measuring devices supports you in the non-destructive investigation of buried objects. In this way, hidden treasures, deposits and artifacts are also captured without previous excavation and displayed in a graphical 3D representation.

Cavity detection: Succeeding with geo-electrical detectors or GPR techniques

The goal of your search are underground cavities such as tunnels and caves, or artificial cavities such as mine tunnels or bunker systems? A specially developed tunnel probe for tunnel detection can be used for the innovative detectors eXp 4500 and eXp 6000 of the eXp series.

If you are looking for tunnels on a nearly flat terrain, the OKM ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR offers the possibility to measure large areas. The recorded scan data can be displayed in a 3D graphic.

In case you would like to detect cavities in greater depths, we recommend the OKM GeoSeeker water and cavity detector. With its self-explanatory software application, the user of this geoelectrical measuring device is guided step by step through the measurement process. The result of the completed measurement is displayed as 3D graphic and with help of different colors, numbers and the position of the 3D elements the user can determine the type, position and size of the find.

Water detection up to 250 m depth with the water detector GeoSeeker

In the search for water, one of the most important or perhaps even the most important medium of mankind, the geo-electric measuring device GeoSeeker will be able to quickly produce reproducible results, without complicated study of technical literature, as the operation as well as the entire measuring process are made via a multilingual Android App. The software application, installed on a 10" Android tablet pc, guides the user graphically through the measurement process and displays an informative 3D graphic on the screen upon completion.


Detection of tunnels, metallic and non-metallic pipes with the ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR

The Gepard GPR, a flexible and portable ground radar, can be used for industrial needs such as preliminary examination of building ground, finding underground masonry, searching for service cables in the ground (whether they are made of metal, plastic or other materials) or also for the detection of tunnels or canal systems.

With the Gepard GPR, you receive a 3D graphic of the scanned area after the measurement is finished. The measurement is carried out via an Android Tablet PC with the software application Gepard GPR 3D in the particular language, which was chosen for the Android OS. All measurements can be used with other systems as a PDF report for documentation or CSV export.


Wide range of high-quality detector technology selected appropriately

Only if we know the goal of your search and "what" you are looking for, we are able to give optimal advice and to select the best suitable OKM detector which meets your requirements.

Send us your inquiry and we get back to you with the requested information.


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