Wireless Data Import via Bluetooth

After selecting the proper OKM Detector as described in section Importing Scan Data from Detector, several additional options may be selected according to your detection device.

Select Interface

At the very beginning of the whole import process you have to select the computer interface at which your OKM Detector is connected.

Software Dialog to choose the computer interface
Figure 1: Import dialog to select connected interface

As shown in figure 1, all available interfaces are listed. Please select the correct one and click "Next" to proceed.

Select Operating Mode

Selecting the right operating mode depends on your OKM Detector on one hand as well as the preferred task to fullfil on the other.

Software Dialog to select the operating mode of the detector
Figure 2: Import dialog to select operating mode

After selecting one of the operating modes you have to click "Next" or "OK", depending on your selection and OKM Detector.

Please refer to your user manual of the OKM Detector to learn about the specific details of the available operating modes!

Enter Project Information

In this step you have to enter important as well as additional scan information, that might be necessary for later analysis.

This could be anything like

Software Dialog to enter project relevant information
Figure 3: Import dialog to enter specific scan information

As seen in figure 3, you have to enter at least a proper project title as well as the length and width of your scan area before clicking "Next".

Select Soil Type

One important aspect in any scan analysis is depth measurement. Due to the fact that the correct depth depends on many soil factors, you have to select the most matching soil type to get depth indications as close as possible.

Software Dialog to select the soil type
Figure 4: Import dialog to select a soil type

Figure 4 shows the dialog that offers you many pre-defined or individual soil types to choose from. Pick the soil type that is closest to your soil conditions before clicking "OK" to activate the data import.

Please read the corresponding user manual of your OKM Detector to initiate the data transfer of your detection device!

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