Export as CSV

Added in 3.1.1Professional Edition

If you need to export all your scan values and scan information, click File › Export › CSV via Main Menu. The resulting CSV file can be used to create spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel or other external software programs. In figure 1 the Export as CSV Dialog is shown.

Export CSV Dialog
Figure 1: Software dialog "Export as CSV" with several export options

First, select the designated folder and filename for your CSV file. If you check the option Open CSV after Export, an external software program, that has been associated with the CSV file extension, will open up after your CSV file has been exported.

For that, you have to select what kind of information you would like to include in your generated CSV file. The file will be created using the UTF-8 character encoding.


Following export options are available:

There are some more export options to define the output format of the resulting CSV file itself:


Additionally, you can decide which columns you want to embed into the resulting CSV file. The number and type of available columns may vary from measurement to measurement. Figure 1, as an example, represents all columns of a Ground Scan.

After setting up all your export options and columns, click on Export to start generating your CSV export file.

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