Bronze Coin found in Pakistan

Bronze Coin found in Pakistan

تم اكتشافها مع OKM Rover UC (2011-2021)
العمق: 4.5 m (14.8 ft)
المنطقة: Pakistan
التصنيف الزمني: 100 BC

Bronze coin detected with Rover UC
Bronze coin (obverse) showing a male profile facing right, surrounded by a lettering apparently in Greek letters.
Bronze coin detected with Rover UC
Bronze coin (reverse) showing a person, probably female, and a prominent symbol to the left of her. The motif is framed by a lettering, probably in Kharoshthi script.

This bronze coin was found by a treasure hunter with OKM Rover UC in the summer of 2022 in Pakistan near the Indus River during an excavation. This treasure hunter's story is very special, as he had given up the hobby for some time and only by chance rediscovered his passion for treasure hunting.

Besides a stone wheel and a cauldron, he found the bronze coin (shown here) in July 2022. According to our research, it could be an ancient regional drachma. Further clues were provided by previous finds in the area, as they fit the profile, just like this coin. Can you tell us more about the coin? Share details with OKM!

The finds were excavated at a depth of 15 ft (4.6 m). This depth performance is only achieved by OKM 3D ground scanners like the Rover UC.

First Expeditions with the OKM Rover UC

The treasure hunter bought his 2013 Rover UC from an OKM dealer in Dubai and used it in the first expedition not long after. During this expedition the treasure hunters found a cauldron, which was not of great importance for them. In close proximity, the area is rich in archeological finds such as a 10 g gold drachma, which was found nearby, and historic sites - some discovered already and others yet not explored scientifically.

The area was built as a fortification on a steep sliding mountain slope. Huge boulders weighing many tonnes in main walls of normal houses were chiselled to perfection as if they were carefully crafted as bricks were laid layer upon layer in perfection. We dug two different locations by manual labor on the pointation of the OKM Rover UC with shovels, chisels and hand digging instruments using stone picks for heavy areas of rock splinters.

The treasure hunters had detected an ancient earthen cauldron filled with soft mud at one site that had been scanned with Rover UC. The find was 8 ft (2.4 m) deep and the cauldron was so fragile that despite best efforts the treasure finders were not able to secure it entirely.

Treasure hunting in Pakistan with Rover UC
Treasure hunting where the mighty Indus first touches the plain in the black mountain area ...

What went wrong?

In retrospect, the treasure hunter was able to assess what went wrong during his first expeditions:

Over the next two years, our client went on more expeditions, unfortunately less successfully, until at some point his daily work left him with no time for treasure hunting.

Treasure Hunting Rediscovered after 7 Years

In 2022 a trove of coins has been discovered in the near vicinity of my ancestral home while levelling land for a housing scheme, and suddenly I again remembered about the machine.

After hearing about a find in the region in 2022, new passions seized. The treasure hunter remembered his detector Rover UC, searched the internet and downloaded the available manuals and smartphone apps. New batteries revived his detector and thanks to prompt support by the OKM team, he managed to connect his own smartphone with the detector. In June and July 2022, our client again went on a treasure hunt near the Indus River, as Greek relics and finds from the Kushana period had previously been discovered in this area. During his expedition, he made a find:

During two days of excavations, we came across one mud cauldron and one bronze coin. We also discovered a rounded stone cut wheel (1 foot diameter) which we believe it was of a flour mill. Stone walls weighing 40 to 50 kg (110 lbs) with rough edges not chiseled are a feature of this site.

The successful treasure finder was very pleased with his find and shared with us some scan images of the treasure hunt.

Scan image of the excavation site
The detector app is used to operate the Rover UC and shows scan images of the excavation site immediately.
Detailed scan image of the excavation site
The scan images can be rotated and magnified for more detailed analyses.

The Quest for an Old Family Treasure

After one of his expeditions, he found out that his great-grandfather had buried a treasure under his house.

I dug a portion of my newly constructed house because of an old family saying that there was a treasure hidden by our great grandfather in the house as his son, our grandfather, was a spendthrift man and did not believe in saving. So he hid a treasure in the house. Nobody knew the location ...

Treasure hunting below the house

He scanned the house and the entire surrounding area. When he came across a heavily red-colored anomaly, he sent his scan images to OKM. The scan analysis confirmed the treasure hunter's opinion, and he began digging. Finding nothing after 15 ft (4.6 m) of depth, his family forced him to close the hole.

After closing the home projects, we again focused on the mountain beside the river Indus and struck our first find: this bronze coin.

My next expedition will be in December 2022, and we are expecting further major finds with the Rover UC.

Treasure hunting in Pakistan

To be continued ...

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