Metal detector eXp 6000 discovers ancient coin treasure in Iran

العمق: 2.5 m (8.2 ft)
المنطقة: Iran

A precious coin treasure was recently recovered in Iran: The shiny, well-preserved silver coins rested at a depth of 2.5 m (8.2 ft). We congratulate the treasure hunter on locating the hoard and are pleased to be allowed to present this discovery with our professional metal detector eXp 6000.
Ancient silver coins found in Iran
Ancient silver coins found in Iran: The obverse shows the head of a man looking to the right - probably Kings Antiochos and/or Seleukos.


Successful treasure hunt thanks to professional metal detector

The powerful treasure detector and ground scanner eXp 6000 locates treasures and cavities to a depth of 25 m (82 ft). Thanks to various probes, the eXp 6000 can be used for different treasure hunting tasks:

With the powerful metal detector and 3D ground scanner eXp 6000, archaeologists, amateur historians and gold seekers benefit from professional features for successful treasure hunts.


The story behind the silver coins

The cradle of coinage

The idea of coins is about 2500 years old. The currency was invented almost simultaneously in China and the Middle East. The distribution of coins from Asia Minor to Persia, Greece, the Roman Empire and into the world was driven by the flourishing long-distance trade of that time.


Historical value of the silver coins

The splendour of these ancient coins, which probably originate from the Seleucid Empire, not only impresses the discoverer of the coin treasure. On the one hand, it is an impressive discovery of a largely unknown treasure of this size. On the other hand, it is also fascinating to touch silver coins which were once taken as travel duties or from royal estates or were in circulation in exchange for goods and services within and outside the oriental empire - a piece of living history. The historical value of these 2000 year old coins now exceeds the original value as a means of payment.


Historical and geographical classification of silver coins

With his victory over the Persians, Alexander the Great extended his territory and reign to India. After his death, the Alexander Empire disintegrated into numerous empires - such as the Seleucid Kingdom, which was located in the area of the extinct ancient Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire) in the Near East.
Map of the Macedonian Empire (334 - 323 B.C.)
Map of the Macedonian Empire (334 - 323 B.C.): The Macedonian Empire was an ancient kingdom in the northern-most part of ancient Greece, bordering the kingdom of Epirus on the west and the region of Thrace to the east. For a short period of time it became the most powerful state in the ancient Near East.
(Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)
The favorable location on the Silk Road favored trade within and outside the Seleukid Empire. Transport routes and ports were expanded, goods such as ceramics and metal jewellery made of silver, gold and bronze were exported to Iran and Greece, and craftsmen such as mosaic layers were hired in neighboring empires. Glass foundry and shipbuilding were also up-and-coming crafts that emerged in Syria and Phoenicia, while in Mesopotamia and Babylonia textile textile manufacturing became the focus.
Shiny, well preserved coin find
Shiny, well preserved coin find: The ancient Greek coins are a fascinating piece of history.
Ancient treasure trove of coins
Ancient treasure trove of coins: The silver coinsseem to originate from the Seleucid kingdom around 270 to 220 BC.

Is the coin treasure maybe the hidden savings of a merchant? Perhaps a trader was surprised by a storm on his journey and had an accident. Was the collection of silver coins stolen and hidden by a thief? The details remain uncertain, but it is clear: The flourishing trade inside and outside the Hellenistic empires such as the Alexander Empire and the Seleucid Empire brought numerous coins on the market and holds further treasures such as jewellery, ceramics and mosaics awaiting their discovery.


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