Future 2018 Anniversary Edition (2018)

30 أبريل 2018
This limited product isn´t available anymore. View the current product versions: OKM Fusion Light and OKM Fusion Professional

In 1998 the first metal detector of the Future series was manufactured by Andreas Krauss, one of the CEOs of OKM. After many years of development and improvement, we are proud to present the metal detector Future 2018.

Join thousands of other adventurers and metal detectorists to find hidden treasures, ancient artifacts and historical valuables from mankind’s past. For many of them treasure hunting is not only a hobby or passion – it became a mission. Today many people live and work as professional prospectors or treasure hunters.

Future 2018 is an Anniversary Edition, which is only available in limited quantities, and has been primarily designed for treasure hunters who like to enter the awesome field of 3D metal detection for a reasonable price.

OKM Future 2018 in vertical orientation
Future 2018 metal detector: The Future 2018 is both control unit and scanning probe. Amongst others it can be operated in vertical position (Live Sound, Ground Scan).
OKM Future2018 held in horizontal orientation
Future 2018 ground scanner: In addition to the vertical mode the Future 2018 can also be operated in horizontal position (Ground Scan) to cover a wider scan area in less time.

Application of the measuring probe

With only one scanning probe, that contains all necessary electronics and the battery, you can survey many different kind of terrains. You may use the Future 2018 in vertical or horizontal position by simply turning it around and selecting the proper operating mode:

OKM Tablet in Live Sound mode
Future 2018 Live Sound: Future 2018 can visually and acoustically detect underground metallic objects by using the Live Sound operating mode.
OKM Tablet with 3D Ground Scan Mode
Ground Scan: Future 2018 creates 3D images of measurements in Ground Scan operating mode to determine position, size and depth of hidden targets.

Powerful technology for deep measurement results

Like other OKM detectors the Future 2018 utilizes approved and reliable sensor technology by OKM to obtain measurement data. All scan values are transferred wireless to a connected Tablet PC or computer running our Visualizer 3D software.

Measurement data analysis on the Tablet-PC

The Future 2018 metal detector is fully controlled via Tablet PC using OKM’s Visualizer 3D software. After the wireless data connection has been established you select an operating mode (Live Sound or Ground Scan), select the orientation of the scanning probe and start surveying the area of interest.

You can use Future 2018 ground scanner to detect many different kind of buried items:

While conducting your measurement the scan data immediately appears on your Tablet screen. So you won’t miss any target that lies under the surface. Wireless Bluetooth headphones receive acoustical information about your scan or target.

OKM Visualizer 3D settings screen
Configuring a new measurement with Future 2018: Setting up a new measurement is very easy because most settings are already applied and you will mainly select your operating mode and probe orientation.
OKM 3D representation of scan image
3D representation of Future 2018 measurement: After scanning the field you can analyze your measurements with Visualizer 3D software to get more information about hidden targets, lost treasures and ancient artifacts.

Advice on and training with detectors at OKM

Even if you never used a 3D ground scanner or metal detector before, the Future 2018 is easy to handle. Additionally, our support and sales team is ready to assist you in operating your detector and offers training courses.

This limited product isn´t available anymore. View the current product versions: OKM Fusion Light and OKM Fusion Professional

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