OKM instruments help detect structures and treasures

09 نوفمبر 2013

Gulf News - Special Report Germany, 09. November 2013

OKM GmbH is a German manufacturer of metal detectors, ground penetrating radars and other geophysical detection instruments. The company was founded in 2001 by Andreas Krauss and Ingolf Mueller and has become one of the most influential and leading metal detection manufacturers in today's market. Merely five years later, in 2006, OKM founded a subsidiary, OKM Emirates FZE, in the Sharjah Airport Free Zone, UAE, to support customers in the Middle East.

OKM services and assists its customers, which include archaeologists, gold prospectors, treasure hunters, mining companies, as well as security and military institutions around the world. A global distribution network of independent sales representatives assures a high availability of OKM products in domestic as well as international markets.

Gulf News Special Report about OKM detectors
General Managing Directors and founders Ingolf Mueller (left) and Andreas Krauss (right). Photo: OKM GmbH

The unique 3D locating technology, designed and manufactured by OKM, is used to detect underground objects and structures such as buried artefacts, ancient treasures, hidden pipelines and conduits, mineral deposits (gold, silver, iron ore, etc.), as well as underground tunnels, bunkers and shelters in real time.

Over the past years, several amazing discoveries have been made with OKM's metal detectors. Some of them are displayed in international museums and exhibitions such as the Smithsonian Institution in the US and the Imperial War Museum in London.

The company's latest developments include metal detectors that use innovative communication standards. To simplify its usage and make them more portable, the newest OKM devices are now controlled via smartphone and tablet PC.

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