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The man behind Detector Center Germany is a passionate treasure hunter who turned his hobby into his profession: Martin Meier came to treasure hunting by chance and started out with treasure search service. Since 1990 he advises and sells metal detectors in his shop Detector Center Germany (DCG) in Rodenburg.

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OKM Distributor DCG

Distribution network

Detector Center Germany accompanies OKM right from the start. The paths of the hobby treasure hunters Martin Meier, DCG managing director, and Andreas Krauss, OKM founder and managing director, crossed at that time - how could it be otherwise - when buying a metal detector. Since then, DCG and OKM have been following common paths. Trainings in Altenburg and archaeological excavations in Germany and Poland offer great opportunities to meet again.

DCG is there for you 24 h 7 day a week, also on Sundays and holidays, after appointment by phone. You come as a customer and leave as a friend.

DCG services for successful treasure hunters

In a comfortable atmosphere DCG advises on all aspects of treasure hunting and metal detection. DCG customers are not only treasure hunters and archaeologists but also food industry, police, state offices for the preservation of archaeological monuments, state criminal investigation offices and many more.

Consulting and training with metal detectors is provided by Martin Meier personally, in German, English and Russian. A test field at the edge of the forest invites visitors to try the metal detectors. For very specific questions, Meier is happy to accompany his customers directly to the manufacturer OKM in Altenburg.

In addition to advice and search services, DCG also offers information on finds and the legal situation concerning treasure hunting.

OKM Distributor DCG
OKM Distributor DCG

A new hobby, a new profession

It was on vacation in 1985 when Martin Meier met an Englishman on the island of Formentera (Spain) who was looking for coins with a detector on the beach.

"At first I didn't even know what it was. He showed me some found coins and jewelry. At that moment I knew that this would be my new hobby!"

Shortly afterwards Martin Meier bought his first detector - at that time from RIMATRON (now VIKING) in England. In the next moment his new vocation was already decided: search service for lost jewelry and recovering grandfather's buried family silver - according to the advertisement in newspapers.

After many successful search projects, the hobby historian decided to expand his business. From 1990 onwards, the range of services was to include not only search services, but also consulting and sales of metal detectors.

August 18, 2021
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10 years treasure hunters' meeting in Rodenberg

In the early 1990s Meier initiated the first treasure hunters' meeting in the region. After a successful start, the meeting took place over the following 10 years thanks to the organizer Detector Center Germany (DCG) and attracted more and more treasure hunters and amateur archaeologists from all over the world to Rodenberg. Presentations, equipment exchange as well as discussions about metal detector technologies and advice on legal issues concerning treasure hunting inspired numerous visitors.

At the meetings, treasure hunters were not only able to establish contacts with each other, but also to talk to archaeologists, historians, monument conservationists and salvage companies. It was often clarified:

"Treasure hunters are not in competition with archaeologists. The cultural researchers see themselves as supporters of archaeology."

Due to the many legal aspects and restrictions that have to be taken into account when going on expeditions and hobby treasure hunts, the communication between explorers and monument protection authorities is still a delicate issue.

The dream of a really big find

Numerous searches take Meier all over Europe: with his metal detectors in his baggage, he travels large parts of Germany, many neighbouring countries and Turkey, always on the lookout for the really big find.

"My dream lies in the Caribbean: the legendary three pirate treasures on the Cocos Islands near Costa Rica. 50 expeditions have searched for them in vain so far."

Among the more famous discoveries, which Meier can "chalk up" at least as a metal detector dealer, are the Nebra Sky Disk and the Wettin Treasure. Both finds were detected with DCG metal detectors. With his search service, he can still book numerous large and small finds and make both private persons and archaeologists happy. While private searches brought to light small objects such as lost wedding rings, keys and even a set of dentures and a family silver that believed to have been lost, Meier also found objects such as cannonballs, medieval relics, militaria from the Thirty Years' War and from the World Wars during official searches on behalf of archaeology.

Detector Center Germany in action

Martin Meier as hobby archaeologist in search projects and as official OKM dealer for and with customers.

Selected newspaper articles about DCG

In numerous articles in regional newspapers and also in some TV appearances, such as on NDR television, Martin Meier has already reported on his profession as treasure hunter and hobby archaeologist.

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