Water detection in Africa

04 يوليو 2018

In December 2017 we handed over the water detector GeoSeeker to the nonprofit organization "Aktion Pro Afrika" for water detection purposes in Mali. Today, we were informed that the water detector has been used with success by local geologists and ground surveying experts.

OKM GeoSeeker - Preparation
OKM GeoSeeker - Preparation: The Power Box and the Controller of the water detector are main components to conduct measurements to find underground water deposits.
GeoSeeker in desert operation
GeoSeeker in desert operation: Geologists and detection experts exploring an area with GeoSeeker and its Android application to find hidden water resources.

After local users received training from representatives of "Aktion Pro Afrika", the water detector GeoSeeker has been tested successfully and is now utilized to locate the essential drinking water for Africa. OKM GeoSeeker allows optimizing water detection in a very cost-saving, efficient and goal-oriented way.

Due to our long-lasting experience and ambition to find solutions, the detection technology of GeoSeeker supplies reliable results even under the extreme environmental conditions in Africa. A multilingual application for Android devices with easy step-by-step instructions and intuitive graphical illustrations guarantees successful measurement procedures.

The team of "Aktion pro Afrika" also involved OKM experts to receive quick and effective solutions on potential questions concerning our water detection equipment.

If you are looking for underground water resources, ask our sales and support team for individual consultation and request further information about the GeoSeeker.

Water detection: Sustainable solution to counter drought and water shortage

Water detection: Sustainable solution to counter drought and water shortage

Easy-to-use OKM water detectors locate underground water resources with success: GeoSeeker Mini with improved representation for easier evaluation.
15 أغسطس 2019
Handover of Water Detector GeoSeeker to

Handover of Water Detector GeoSeeker to "Aktion Pro Afrika"

Report of the Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ) on the support of "Aktion Pro Afrika" by OKM
19 ديسمبر 2017
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