Grand Opening in Istanbul, Turkey

24 نوفمبر 2020

In the context of the Roadshow, OKM invites treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeologists, detector users, (technology) enthusiasts as well as business partners to test OKM detection technologies in a special ambience.

This roadshow in Turkey took place at the WOW Hotel Istanbul. Many guests and valuable business partners from Turkey, Iran, Bulgaria and neighboring countries attended the event to experience the professional detection technology live.

Moreover, this Roadshow was inspired by the Grand Opening of OKM Turkey's main dealer's new office in Istanbul, the heart of Asia and Europe. OKM Istanbul is one more milestone to strengthen the successful partnership of OKM Turkey and OKM Germany.

OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
Test scans performed at the OKM Roadshow: Discovering the improved functions and features of OKM's top-noth 3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional Plus.
OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
Our guests experience OKM Technology for themselves: Experiencing the functions of OKM's bestselling metal detector Rover C4.
OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
OKM Istanbul officials Didem Alkor and Necat Alkor, OKM Germany CEO Stephan Grund, OKM Turkey CEO Ebedi Kişin and guests from Bulgaria.
OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
OKM Istanbul officials Didem Alkor and Necat Alkor have been interviewed by local press at OKM Istanbul office.
OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
Consultation and expert meeting with guests from Iran who came to our opening. .
OKM Roadshow 2021 in Istanbul
One-on-one meeting: OKM Germany CEO Stephan Grund and Amir Şemrek, an esteemed guest from Hatay. Amir Şemrek came to Istanbul only for the Grand Opening and stated that OKM is very popular in the Middle East market.

Many thanks to all esteemed guests and business partners for your visit and support. Special thanks to the teams of OKM Turkey and OKM Istanbul for the warm hospitality. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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