New official OKM dealer in Germany

04 يونيو 2019
We are happy to welcome Geo-Electronic as a new authorized dealer for OKM metal detectors. Geo-Electronic is located near Frankfurt a.M. in Germany and offers a huge portfolio of metal and gold detectors, long range detectors, 3D ground scanners and corresponding treasure hunting accessories. With know-how, passion and expertise, our new authorized dealer Sebastian Papp provides products and support for ambitious hobby treasure hunters as well as professional users (archaeologists, construction industry etc.).
Geo-Electronic now official OKM dealer
Geo-Electronic now official OKM dealer: The dealer certificate is handed over to S. Papp (centre) by sales consultant R. Jung (l.) and OKM CEO A. Krauss (r.)
New OKM dealer in Germany
New OKM dealer in Germany: Geo-Electronic (S. Papp, left) is now official dealer for OKM products.


Fulfilling customer wishes with the right product choice

Treasure hunters not only look for gold and artifacts, but also for the right equipment to ensure that the next search is a full success. In a joint discussion, the various customer requests were evaluated in order to focus on a selection of OKM products. The metal detector Rover UC, which is disguised as a walking stick, and the powerful 3D ground scanner Rover C4 were of particular interest.


Introduction to favorite OKM detectors

Whether end customer or dealer, OKM offers service that goes beyond the purchase. Sebastian Papp (Geo-Electronic GmbH) completed the Basic Training with the popular OKM metal and treasure detectors Rover UC and Rover C4.


Training with OKM metal detector Rover UC

After a short introduction to the Rover UC the first exercise on the test field next to the OKM pyramid in Altenburg, Germany, started.
Rover UC Introduction
Rover UC Introduction: Rover UC Introduction: Explanation of the functions and application of the metal detector disguised as a hiking stick.
Rover UC test measurement
Rover UC test measurement: First test run to get to know the handling and functions.
Sebastian Papp was immediately impressed by the easy usability and direct result displayed on the smartphone. Advice and hints on using the Rover UC provided answers to many detailed questions about detector technology.
Rover UC measurement results
Rover UC measurement results: After the test run, the first measurement results are already visible.
Rover UC Smartphone display
Rover UC Smartphone display: The collected measurement results already show first treasure finds.


Training with OKM metal detector Rover C4

The introduction to the functions of the Rover C4 started with the connection of the individual components. After connecting probe, control unit and power supply (Power Pack), basic settings such as language and screen brightness have been configured. The search modes Ground Scan (localizes artifacts) and Mineral Scan (localizes natural gold) were particularly interesting.
Rover C4 simple assembly
Rover C4 simple assembly: At first, control unit, probe and power pack are connected.
Rover C4 fast configuration
Rover C4 fast configuration: Language, screen brightness and search mode can be adjusted and selected via touch screen.
During a test scan, first measurement data have been collected, which were further explored in a second test walk. For this purpose, the Rover C4 has an LED orbit that immediately visually signals finds.
Rover C4 with Ground Scan mode
Rover C4 with Ground Scan mode: During ground measurement, the test field is scanned and the measurement results are visualized three-dimensionally on the display.
Rover C4 as pin pointer
Rover C4 as pin pointer: Thanks to LED Orbit treasure finds are immediately signalled visually.


Convincing usability and functionality

Both OKM metal detectors proved easy handling and practical functions on the test field. Ambitious and professional treasure and gold seekers will also completely benefit from the special features of OKM metal and treasure detectors. Do you already know all features of your OKM product? Would you like to expand your possibilities by training with your favorite metal detector and thus achieve better search results?

Request an appointment for your training at OKM Germany:


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