Treasure Hunting

01 نوفمبر 2019

Treasure hunting is the search for real treasure which has been a notable human activity for millennia. Professional treasure hunters are well equipped with various professional treasure hunting devices.

Treasure hunter is a person searching for buried treasures. Professional treasure hunters use geophysical instruments, metal detectors or ground penetrating radar to research an area of interest.

Treasure hunting with OKM detector

Over thousands of years, conflicts, battles and wars have covered the world, nations have fought for supremacy and wealth. Many people lost personal property or buried valuables to protect them from enemies and foreign occupying powers. Some of these ancient treasures and cultural artifacts disappeared deep under the surface over the years.

Today, thanks to technical developments, it is possible to recover those treasures that were believed to have been lost. Metal detectors and ground scanners allow to see into the ground before excavation.

Treasure hunting means more than just digging up gold treasures, silver coins and ancient artifacts. What motives are there for the treasure hunt?

Become part of the great adventure of treasure hunting and find buried treasures of the past!

Following the traces of a myth, discovering a piece of local history or experiencing outdoor adventures – treasure hunting has many motivations. The probably most obvious motive for treasure hunters is probably the result itself: The discovery of hidden or lost artefacts, cultural relics and legendary gold treasures. Discover the fascination of treasure hunting and the challenges it poses to adventurers and knights of fortune.


Treasure Hunting: outdoor adventure with special thrill

Whether in the forest, in deserted places, in ruins or in caves, the search for treasures lures adventurers not only out into nature, but also lets them walk on the traces of the past.

The search for hidden artifacts, secret treasure hiding places and lost relics has a very special fascination: Even the moment the buried object is discovered with the metal detector inspires probe seekers, hobby archaeologists and professional treasure hunters. Finally, digging up the treasure and holding the artifact in one’ s hands gives treasure hunters a very special thrill.

Treasure hunting with OKM detector

In addition to the joy of being a successful explorer, the legislation on treasure hunts in each country also creates an ultimate thrill. In some countries, the search for treasures requires a permit to be obtained from appropriate authorities such as the responsible archaeological office. This ensures that nature reserves are not destroyed and that finds are expertly salvaged in order not to be lost as historical sources for science and research. The legal situation varies from country to country. The fascination of treasure hunting attracts not only archaeologists, but also numerous hobby treasure hunters.


Experience history: Treasure hunting makes the past accessible

A visit to the museum can be an exciting way of illustrating history. The past becomes even more comprehensible for treasure hunters who discover history by themselves.

During treasure hunting not only the found objects tell their stories, but also the places where artifacts are found: A richly decorated golden relic in the roots of an old tree in a forest, for example, indicates a hiding place from looters – or was it perhaps a holy shrine? Coin finds are indications of trade routes – were they perhaps found in an old trade metropolis or along old trade roads? Remnants of old armour and weapons in a field suggest a battlefield.

Treasure hunting with OKM detector

Which stories actually revolve around the found treasure objects and treasures depends on the discoverer’s imagination. However, it largely relies on the experience and expertise of the discoverers to place artefacts in their correct historical context after extensive research.


Early exercise creates successful treasure hunters

Even children are fascinated by pirate stories and like scavenger hunts in the garden or parks. Exciting sagas and legends, stories about treasure islands, burial chambers and pyramids, but also detective stories inspire the fantasy and curiosity and encourage your own playful adventures. If this passion is maintained in the youth, you probably won’t be able to avoid adventure video games like Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed and World of Warcraft. As an adult you like to return to the fascination of the real treasure hunt, which offers real results.

The challenges of treasure hunting are just as great as the fascination: Researching potential treasures, getting to the bottom of myths, combining clues and practicing patience when searching, these tasks train young and experienced adventurers alike. With these skills and knowledge as well as with the appropriate equipment adventurers become successful treasure hunters.

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Modern treasure hunting with real success

Solving mysteries and discovering hidden treasures is part of the basic concept of the modern trend geocaching. The modern treasure search with GPS device inspires countless geocachers worldwide, whereby the given hiding places are recorded in databases and the “treasure finds” are not historical artefacts such as silver or gold coins, art objects or ancient funerary goods.

Treasure hunting with OKM detector

Unlike geocaching, treasure hunting and gold prospecting with metal detectors offer real success even in previously unexplored areas: With the discovering and the excavation of precious treasures real treasure hunting goes a significant step further. Who looks for the special thrill beyond geocaching, will as a treasure hunter with metal detector be rewarded with historically valuable treasures such as coins, militaria, airplane wrecks and other artifacts.

Treasure hunting today is no longer limited to the use of simple metal sensors. Thanks to various special probes it is possible to scan the ground for cavities such as burial chambers and treasure chests and to distinguish precious metals such as gold and silver from ferrous metals such as artifacts and militaria. Data visualisation via App, wireless data transfer to tablet and smartphone and the visualization of the measured values in video glasses are just some of the special features that prove that detection technology is constantly developing and improving.

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Treasure hunting with OKM detector

Prospection: Targeted search for relics

One of the most demanding challenges of modern treasure hunting is exploring previously unknown sites without digging up the entire area. Thanks to powerful metal detectors and ground scanners, relics and artifacts as well as burial chambers and treasure vaults can be located without affecting the site. The powerful technology with innovative software allows to determine the position, size and depth of hidden treasures and artifacts before excavation. Many of OKM’s detectors can generate 3D graphics based on the collected measurement data to visualize buried objects on a tablet, laptop or smartphone screen. Lost treasures await discoverers Guarded by walls, tree roots or caves, there are numerous hidden treasures awaiting its discovery. Even more tempting than previously unknown relics are hidden and lost treasures that have been stolen or lost during adventurous journeys. Whether it’s just legends that provide exciting bedtime stories, or real hidden loot worth millions, remains uncertain – until their discovery.

Treasure hunting with OKM detector

Inspired by old stories, myths and legends about legendary treasures, adventurers follow their fantasies and search for treasures with metal detectors and ground scanners. Sometimes it’ s crates full of gold that have been hidden by pirates on islands or lost in a shipwreck on the ocean and are now waiting to be discovered on the seabed. Sometimes it’ s legendary treasures of the early civilizations of South America, valuable artefacts from the holy kingdoms of Asia or legendary relics from castles and palaces in Europe.

It is not only the value of centuries of hidden wealth that is rising. It is also the fascination of recovering these lost treasures.

Successful treasure hunt with OKM detector

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